About Boat Crew Coffee

Our name

The Boat Crew Coffee name is derived from the Navy SEAL “boat crew” mentality, that starts during indoctrination at the Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDS). As a boat crew, anything is possible, anything can be overcome, and the bonds that are created last forever.

Meet the lead roaster!

Boat Crew Coffee was founded by Adam Bolio, who moved to San Diego in 1998 when he joined the Navy and became a SEAL in Coronado. Originally from the mountains and winter of Vermont, Adam fell in love with the ocean and the southern California culture. 

His passion for coffee started at end of high school and stayed with him through his time in the Navy and in his professional career. While serving overseas in some of the most remote areas, he brought coffee for him and his team. During his professional career as cybersecurity consultant, he would seek out the best craft coffee in each city he worked in. Finally his passion took him from brewing to home roasting, so he could control precisely the way he wanted the flavor roasted from the beans.